Bastion is one those games that warms my gamer heart. With a narrator and soundtrack that would cause Triple-A games to feel ashamed, stunning visuals, excellent gameplay and a captivating story, this game is a master piece made with love.



Bastion has an amazing story with twists and turns that will keep you tied to the game. The narrator helps the story shine with its descriptions, making this a one of a kind type of game.


There’s a lot of replay value in this game, since each time you play it you get new hints to understand what’s happening in this world.

Graphics and Sound

Stunning! Fantastic! Colourful! Pretty!
Some adjectives to summarize, once more, Bastion’s awesome visuals.


I’ve talked about the narrator, which had a great impact in the overall feel of this game. With it comes along an incredible soundtrack with gorgeous songs, that I still listen while I’m working. You can listen to some of Bastion’s songs on my Spotify playlist here.


Bastion is a hack and slash and shooty game. You have a lot of weapons that you can choose, from swords and hammers to guns. Pick the one that fits your playstyle and just have fun smashing enemies.



The base mechanics of Bastion is the same throughout the game but I played all at once and it didn’t feel repetitive. This is a game that will move your attention from one point to the other without feeling like what you are doing is the same thing over and over again.

Sem Título


It’s an incredible work from SuperGiant Games and a game that you should play or at least try out. Bastion was released in 2011 and even today it still feels fresh and unique.



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If you got this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and see you around. Today I have grilled halloumi just for you… I’ll have to make this one for myself sometime…




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