Eternal Darkness is one of those cult horror games that will live long and be praised for what it did at the time of its release. Possibly one of the best games in the old GameCube, there’s a mechanic that has made it legendary. I played the game in 2016 and I felt that maybe I’ve played it at the wrong time…



The story is a bit strange and sometimes very confusing, but that’s one of reasons that made the game so unique. Without spoiling too much, you will play with several characters throughout the game and fight some weird monsters.


Graphics and Sound

When this game was released it was a step ahead of other horror games, with good visuals and good sound all-round. I think nowadays it doesn’t have the same impact it had in the good old days, but it has some tricks up its sleeves… MUAHAHAHA


The characters’ expressions are very well built and it didn’t age badly; it’s a game that won’t hurt your eyes. The sound and music are very creepy, giving the game’s ambiance a boost.


This is a third person hack and slash game. You have weapons, you beat the baddies and defeat them, then more appear and more and more and …. more…. and you defeat them and you win, possibly…

The game has some good puzzles. The fighting is okay, it gets the job done and there’s the sanity meter.


The sanity meter is the big mechanic that was introduced in this game. If your gauge level is low your character starts to hallucinate and this is the best part of the game. I tried to keep the sanity at low to see what the game would throw at me this time and it was so creepy and mind blowing. In my opinion, this is the mechanic that makes this game a cult game. Without this I think it wouldn’t have been so popular, it would be just one more out there.


The game is a bit repetitive. The puzzles are a welcome change of pace but I felt the game had too many fights with the same monsters, making the game a bit monotone. The constant change of character is a plus for this game, making it a bit less repetitive. Nevertheless, it’s a must play if you like horror games and if you have a Gamecube.



It’s a good game with an excellent mechanic that will melt your brain. The sanity effect is one of the reasons or possibly the reason that made this game a cult classic that everybody loves.



If you like this game, you would probably like these as well:

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If you got this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and see you around. As a reward, I will give you a glimpse of what type of effects you can get in Eternal Darkness, Enjoy!


Deleting all your saved data is a thing that can happen…


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